01. Easy way to stop Auto run
02. Do you need your computer speed UP?
03. When your PC was good  >>>go >>> back there
04. Delete Unnecessary file from your PC
05. Do you need more Power from your UPS?
06. Clear Your broswer History
07. Backup to E-mail
08. Computer Hanging
09. Pen drive can't Format?
10. Need your video file Compress
11. Download Manager
12. Free space in your HDD
13. When Fail Search
14. Pen Drive virus
15. Safe your Pen Drive

01 Easy way to stop Auto run, Your pen drive.

We are use pen drive for data transfer. But computer attack too many virus by pen drive. When we connect  with PC pen drive will auto run and virus attack our PC, How we close auto run please see here. >>> Start > Run, Here write “gpedit.msc” then ok,  you see new windows.  Here “User Configuration”    


02 Do you need your computer speed UP?

Maximum operator use Windows XP operating system, Operator many time face PC slow speed. If you do some job then you can work fast on your XP.
1. Start > Run “write here” recent > OK , You see new Windows with some file select all and delete all.
2. Start > Run “write here” %Temp% > OK , You see new Windows with some file select all and delete all.
3. Start > Run “write here” Temp > OK , You see new Windows with some file select all and delete all.


03 When your PC was good  >>>go >>> back there:

Some Time we are Remove any software, we are face to a big problem because that soft Remove some Windows file, Then we can't work properly, This time we need PC Format or Back to When our PC is good condition. Go to  C:\WINDOWS\System32\Restore   open this and find rstrui.exe & Double Click  you see a new Windows   you Select the “ Restore my Computer to an..


04 Delete Unnecessary file from your PC

Many rezone Unnecessary file stock your PC. Normally we are clean this file from RUN command. But you can clean with one Click By the 74 KB a Small software. This Software is very nice Click Here for this Software, Download This File and EXTRACT ALL >>


05 Do you need more Power from your UPS?

In this problem not at all country, witch the country is power loadseding. When Electricity is Short Down, UPS Backup Your computer 10-20 Minute. But your work need more then this time. Now What can you do? Do run Computer Sleeping, Do this way....


06 Clear Your broswer History.

Internet Broswer history file store in your Computer like Hiden image, This history your Computer speed Dowen, You cleen This Auto or Manualy,

1. Mozila Fire Fox:
Open >> tools >> Clear recent History.
Auto Cleen = tools >> Options >> Privacy >> Here select Clear histtory when Firfox Close TIK and OK.


07 Backup to E-mail

You can hosting some file on your E-Mail Account. Normally you Upload any file by attach file and send after you will get this your mail box. BUT Backup 2 Mail software you can up any file without send mail. You download this software & install,


08 Computer Hanging

Some time your computer working time your computer Hang and get message “Not Responding” Then you want close this, here all work stop. If you thing Avoid this, do this. Start >> Run >> regedit and Enter ,


09 Pen drive can't Format?

Some time you can't format your Pen Drive because your computers attract Virus. But you need format Then “Start >> Control Panel >> Administrative tools Double Click this >> Computer Management


10 Need your video file Compress

You can create video file with Windows movie maker, Some time you see, Some video is big you can't see, need memory and graphics card for see this video. Here you go to “ My computer >> Tools >>


11 Download Manager

People use some download Manager, IDM, DAP or more this is free for one month, But Flashget.com you will get a software who use Firefox for him. It's free. Download >> Install this.


12 Free space in your HDD

Your Hade disks have free space. But working time you see HDD Full. This movement you need go to My Computer >> Tools >> Folder Options >> View >> TIK out from “Hide protected operating system files


13 When Fail Search

Some virus remove your Search options, you go Start >> here don't have search. This moment you do Start >> Run write here
“” REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\


14 Pen Drive virus

Some time our pen drive attract virus and our pen drive file can't detected, But this file is very important. This situation your pen drive brings to a good computer witch is virus free (a good antivirus license use). Don't worry try this. At first mouse right click on pen drive, >> properties, you see something used you pen drive. But you can't see. You want see this? Go to >>


15 Safe your Pen Drive

Note: How to safe your pen drive from virus. •  Don't open Direct, or Explore. OPEN >> My computer >> here you go to “Address bar” There select your pen Drive and open. •  My Computer >> Tools >> Folder Options >> View >> TIK of “Hide protected operating system files (recommended)” “show hidden file and folders ” “Hide


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